For any organisation grappling with the acquisition and deployment of AI, the global legal and regulatory framework governing its use remains a real challenge.  We provide 10 key insights on the issues around AI that GCs need to consider in 2024.

  1. Ensure Your Legal Team and Key Stakeholders Are Educated on AI Risks and Regulation
  2. Understand What Is and Not AI and the Related Terms of Art
  3. Apply Existing Laws and Regulations
  4. AI Is Top of Mind for Lawmakers and Regulators Around the World
  5. Develop a Global AI Governance Policy and Framework
  6. Conduct Risk and Impact Assessments
  7. Contracting Related to the Use of AI Technology Is Particularly Thorny Because of the Newness of Most AI Technology and the Rapidly Evolving Legal Landscape
  8. Consider Cybersecurity and Incident Response
  9. Consider Data Subject Rights
  10. Treat AI Governance as a Business Imperative and Compliance Imperative

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