We are a multidisciplinary global team of leading legal, policy and technology experts dedicated to supporting our clients in connection with the deployment and acquisition of AI systems, services and businesses and the protection of your most valuable IP assets.

Whether you are a trailblazing AI business at the cutting edge of AI service provision or a global corporate embedding or deploying AI, we can support you through the challenges that come with operating in a market that is being rapidly shaped by competitive forces as well as a highly complex regulatory environment.

Our experience working with companies, policymakers and regulators worldwide uniquely enables us to provide first rate advice on the complex commercial, contractual, data privacy, intellectual property, regulatory, policy and other legal issues arising from the adoption and use of AI. Our experts are recognized leaders in their field, bringing an unrivaled depth of experience and insight and the ability to add significant value to your transactions, regulatory and policy projects and disputes.

We help global businesses across a multitude of sectors on AI-related issues, including:

  • The development of new AI businesses and commercial models
  • M&A and fundraising for AI-enabled companies
  • The design and rollout of global AI governance models
  • The acquisition and use of training data and foundational models
  • Generative AI, and the use and exploitation of content created by it
  • The regulation of profiling and automated decision-making
  • Global AI regulatory strategy and compliance
  • AI and intellectual property ownership and infringement issues
  • The rollout and commercialization of AI solutions and services
  • Contracting for AI contracting solutions and services
  • Export control licensing requirements for AI products or solutions
  • Assessing risk in clearing transactions involving M&A, JVs and other AI business deals

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