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At present, there is no specific Australian legislation regulating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. That is in contrast to some other jurisdictions, which have legislation in place, or significantly advanced draft laws, specifically regulating the technology.

The Australian Commonwealth government’s interim “safe and responsible AI consultation” response (released January 2024) summarises the government’s response to public

On December 8, 2023, after some intense rollercoaster rides, the European Union (EU) institutions reached a political agreement on the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act). The compromises reached after sleepless nights still need to find their way into a final text (and this one might only be available after the holiday season), but

Having an AI policy that outlines acceptable use, and documenting assessments that establish that AI systems are used in a manner consistent with the policy and that the benefits outweigh potential harms, can go a long way in managing legal and reputational risk.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has increased dramatically in the